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Injected Metal Assembly: What You Need To Know

The injected metal assembly (IMA) process is exclusively available at Dynacast Peterborough. Our ability to produce parts using the IMA process helps us offer a unique solution to our customers that many of our competitors cannot. This process joins two components together and creates a final assembled part that is strong, flash-free, and repeatable.

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Die Casting Design FAQ

High pressure die casting is a fast, repeatable process that delivers quality metal components, every time—but only if your component is designed properly. Read about our most frequently asked questions related to die cast design. 

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High Quality Die Cast Tooling

There are many die casting companies that make tools in order to manufacture a customer’s product. So why are Dynacast’s tools higher quality? As the Operations Manager for Dynacast’s Germantown tooling division, I’ve seen first hand why our tools are preferred over others in the business. 

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How Culture Drives Growth and Profit

My previous blog post focused on three key areas that are critical to the success and growth of manufacturing: our people, our customers, and our plants. For this post, I want to expand on one of those key areas, our people. Dynacast’s employees are the reason we are as profitable and successful as we are. 

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Welcome to Our Improved Website

For my first blog post, I’m excited to guide you through a few highlights of Dynacast’s improved website. At Dynacast, we know that visitors need to not only have an easy, quick way to find information, but also the ability to see Dynacast’s alloys, process offerings, and design expertise in a precise, detailed manner. 

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Sustainability of Multi-Slide Die Casting

Multi-slide die casting offers faster cycle times, pneumatic operation, and streamlined process contribute to reduced energy consumption and material waste. Additionally, multi-slide die casting eliminates secondary operations, lowers tooling costs, and ensures consistent part quality with tolerances as low as +/-0.02mm.
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