Facility Spotlight: Dynacast Peterborough

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Dynacast Peterborough is a leading die casting facility located just outside of Toronto, Canada. The facility specializes in producing high-quality, precision parts for a range of industries, including automotive, electronics, telecommunications, hardware industrial controls, and hand tools. Peterborough is the only North American Dynacast facility that has hot chamber multi-slide aluminum die casting, has IMA technology (a type of insert molding) using zinc as a bonding agent regardless of alloy, and  produces flash-free Flash-free, net-shaped components without having to add cost/time/inspection with secondary operations

Dynacast Peterborough is known for its multi-slide technology, standard die casting with integrated automation, and IMA (Injected Metal Assembly) precision zinc manufacturing.


Save Time and Produce Parts Faster with Hot Chamber, Multi-Slide Aluminum 

For smaller die cast production, Dynacast uses multi-slide machines, which are high-speed automatic machines that use the hot-chamber die cast method. With typical cycle rates ranging from 5-30 CPM, these machines don't require secondary trimming or burring when components are cast on them.

Dynacast Peterborough also uses a variety of machines to produce a broad range of parts for our customers. Our multi-slide die casting machines 

can produce components that range up to 1800 grams (four pounds) with linear dimensions up to 200 mm (eight inches). And these components can have a height of up to 75 mm (three inches)—producing a wide range of component sizes for our customers.


Injection Metal Assembly (IMA): Insert Molding

IMA is a type of insert molding that offers a unique process where precision tooling is combined with metal alloys and is used to join multiple components into a ready-to-use assembly with a single operation. 

In addition to these machines, we also use IMA zinc die -cast machines that are specifically made for the process. The IMA process lowers costs and creates stronger parts compared to other assembly methods.


Standard Die Casting with Automation 

Automated die casting can produce more consistent parts with fewer defects, leading to higher quality end products. The flexibility of automated systems allows for faster changeover times, making it possible to quickly adapt to changing production needs and take on new projects. With real-time data tracking, manufacturers can analyze production data and quickly address any issues that arise. Overall, standard die casting automation is a cost-effective and reliable way to increase efficiency, improve quality, and enhance the flexibility of manufacturing operations.

For standard die cast production, Peterborough utilizes Frech 80T and Frech 200T machines that have typical cycle rates of 3-5 CPM (cycles per minute). These machines are flash-free and produce net-shaped components without having to add cost, time, or inspection with secondary operations.


Final metal products in a bin

So, whether you need small-scale production runs or larger, high-volume runs, Dynacast Peterborough has the technology and expertise to meet your needs. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your next project. 


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