The Benefits of Our A3 Machines


As I mentioned in my previous blog on A2 machines, one of Dynacast’s distinguishing factors are our unique machine capabilities. We have proprietary machines that use multi-slide technology and create fast cycle times and precision components. Below I’ve given some additional details on another type of machine we use, the A3.


The A3 SIS machine was created in 2010 and features a reinforced main plate with 28 tons of locking force. It can handle a die size up to 160 x 140 mm and a shot weight of up to 180 grams. Like the A2 SIS machines, the A3 SIS has the SIS injection system. This machine has a high CPM compared to conventional machines and also has the capability of more cavities for A2 parts. The A3 SIS machine is able to fill parts faster and produce no heavy flash. Because of this the part has improved surface quality and less porosity. The A3 SIS is able to handle more complex parts because it could have four slides plus more integrated ones.


Our A3 MAG SIS machine also features a reinforced main plate with 28 tons of locking force. The die size and shot weight are identical to the A3 SIS machine, but there are some differences in the machines. This machine has a two-chamber melting pot with 30 kW. It is suitable for small, high quality magnesium parts. There are no machining operations needed and it has a CE safety standard, as do all of our machines. Also, the machine has higher CPM, the ability to handle more complex parts, and manufacture parts with thinner walls and tighter tolerances when compared to conventional machines, especially cold chamber machines.  

Our A3 machines were created to enhance our capabilities and further help our customers with their precision component needs. In my next blog post, I’ll discuss how we maintain and upgrade all of our machines to ensure the latest technology and safety measures are in place.

What questions do you have regarding our A3 machines? I’d love to hear from you! Please share your comments or questions below.


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Last updated 07.14.2023