The Importance of Social Media in Manufacturing


Because many manufacturing companies operate on a B2B basis, they haven’t realized the same need as other industries to be involved in the world of social media. Why is social media important for the manufacturing industry? Will it really benefit the customers and the companies? 

The top three most active social networks for B2B are LinkedIn (91%), Twitter (85%), and Facebook (81%). At Dynacast, LinkedIn and Twitter are the top two social media platforms. So how can you make sure you are gathering the best information from social media as possible? 

Social media is an easy, quick way to look at a large amount of information in one place. It gives you the ability to research potential solutions before buying a service or product. By following certain companies, magazines, and engineers, you can receive the content that you want while also learning more about the solutions that best fit your needs.  There is also great power in social media for building personal brand awareness, driving engagement, gaining critical feedback, networking, and sharing information.

Dynacast has been in the manufacturing industry for over 80 years, and because of this, we have a wealth of insight into design engineering, manufacturing precision components, and trends in the industry. By utilizing social media, we have an avenue to quickly and effectively share that information with others. This has helped us become more innovative, keep in touch with our customers, and learn about what others are doing in the industry.

When you utilize social media correctly, there is an infinite amount of information available to you. To utilize it correctly, you can start by researching the various manufacturing blogs that relate to your business. By following different blogs you can begin to gather information that directly relates to your interests and business needs. You can also begin following companies on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We’ve found that LinkedIn and Twitter can be extremely useful when searching for particular articles or topics.

It’s easy to “get in the weeds” and only focus on your work, company, or industry. Utilizing social media comes with many advantages, including receiving timely information on industry news, seeing new technologies before they are released on other channels of communication, and finding articles that are relevant to your business needs.  

Do you think it’s crucial for the manufacturing industry to be on social media? Is there a reason why you chose the social media platforms that you use? I’d love to hear your feedback. Follow us on Twitter (@Dynacast_Global) or our LinkedIn to find more information on the manufacturing industry.


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Last updated 07.13.2023