Die Cast Material Spotlight: EZAC

Die Cast Material Spotlight EZAC

If you are looking for a high strength, creep resistant, zinc based alloy, keep reading. Dynacast partners with Eastern Alloys, Inc., a manufacturer of world-class zinc alloys. They are constantly working on new alloys that result in better, more economical ways to die cast. By working closely with them, Dynacast offers alloys that many of its competitors do not. It ensures that our customers are receiving the best possible alloy for their components. Recently, Eastern Alloys introduced a new zinc alloy, EZACTM and it may be the right material for your next die casting project.
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Overview Zinc Alloys


When zinc die casting first became available, it quickly gained recognition as a lightweight and cost-effective alternative to other alloys such as tin and lead. Over the past century, zinc alloys have made steady progress. While zinc has always been acknowledged for its high strength, the introduction of the Zamak family, and now the revolutionary EZAC™ alloy, has further enhanced the suitability of hot chamber die casting zinc alloys for a wide range of applications. Prior to the introduction of EZAC™, zinc was often overlooked for applications requiring high tensile strength, especially high-temperature tensile strength. Additionally, most zinc alloys exhibited low creep resistance compared to other materials. These areas of improvement were the primary focus during the creation of EZAC™, resulting in a zinc alloy that surpasses previous limitations.

Benefits of EZAC


The EZAC™ alloy provides exceptional benefits when compared to other zinc alloys. It offers superior creep resistance, higher yield strength, and increased hardness. In fact, during creep resistance tests conducted at 140°C and 31MPa, EZAC™ outlasts Zamak 2 by approximately fourteen times and ACuZinc5 by three times, achieving an impressive duration of 730 hours. This remarkable performance ensures enhanced reliability and longevity for your die casting projects, making EZAC™ the ideal choice for demanding applications.

Comparing EZAC to Other Alloys


In terms of yield strength, EZAC™ is comparable to ZA-27, the strongest cold chamber zinc die cast alloy. With a yield strength of 396 MPa, surpassing all other hot chamber zinc die cast alloys, EZAC™ achieves a 42% improvement over Zamak 2 and a 19% improvement over ACuZinc5. The hardness of EZAC™ also demonstrates a 19% improvement over Zamak 2 and an 11% improvement compared to ACuZinc5. These advancements in yield strength and hardness make EZAC™ a superior choice for die casting applications, ensuring enhanced performance and durability.

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While EZAC exhibits low elongation at approximately 1%, it maintains comparable Impact Strength with ACuZinc5 at 2.2ft-lbs.


Compared with other high strength zinc alloys such as ACuZinc5 and ZA27, EZAC has shown excellent castability that does not result in accelerated wear on shot end components.
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