Facility Spotlight: Italy Adds ABB Robot to Automate Die Extraction


In an article from ABB Robotics, Dynacast Italy was highlighted because of our successful implementation of their robots. This addition allows us to expand our capabilities as well as helps us produce components more than 500 grams in weight faster and more efficiently.

ABB supplied robot model IRB 1410, which handles the die extraction. They also trained our employees on how to operate the robot as well as how to reprogram it for different components. By adding the IRB 1410, we are able to complete all operations within the working-cycle of the machine itself. Since implementation, we have seen a reduction in man-hours and production times. This solution has strengthened our competitiveness and enabled us to propose innovative solutions for our customers.

Read the full article for additional benefits we have experienced since adding the IRB 1410.


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Last updated 07.12.2023