The Benefits of Multi-Slide Technology


In 25 years at Dynacast, a differentiating factor in our business has always been our multi-slide technology. We have the ability to create machines, tools, and processes based on customers’ needs, and that’s something that many cannot offer.

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Design for Manufacturing

One of the reasons we like to get involved early in the design process is to help our customers use multi-slide tooling to their advantage. There is more flexibility with directions of pull, which allows for more complex parts to be manufactured without as many secondary operations. A good example of this is a part that has a hole. With multi-slide tools, we can cast the hole directly into the part. In many cases, standard tooling would require drilling after the part is cast resulting in a higher part cost.

Multi-Slide Tooling

Our multi-slide die casting machines are equipped with thrusters that have a flexible crosshead adaptor system and a fast pneumatic injection system that help to reduce variation within parts. We are capable of filling machines faster without heavy flash, which improves surface quality and decreases the porosity of parts. Our multi-slide machines make it possible for us to produce parts in mass quantities while still ensuring the best quality.

Part Improvement

With multi-slide tools, there is better part-to-part uniformity with tighter tolerances. Generally +/-0.002 tolerances – which is less than half the variation of a component made with a standard tool. Thinner walls can be cast and we are able to cast external threads more precisely.

Reducing Costs

Standard tooling can be very complicated and expensive. Multi-slide tooling can cost less than half of standard tooling because it allows you to cast a complex part without secondary operations. Depending on the complexity of the part, the tool can have anywhere from 5-7 directions of pull.

Another benefit is that less waste is produced since runners and overflows are smaller than those created with standard tools.  

Multi-Slide Die Casting

Our multi-slide process is the best die casting option for small, complex parts. We can create net shape parts, typically without secondary operations—including internal and external threads. We are always updating and optimizing our tools and machines to provide our customers with the best parts possible. 

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