Reducing Manufacturing Lead Time


We understand that there are many important factors design engineers consider every day as they work on a new project. Two of those factors that are becoming even more critical are quick turn around times and getting to the marketplace before your competition.

Involving Dynacast engineers early in the design process is an important step to reduce lead time and give you a competitive advantage. If our engineers are involved before a print has been finalized, they can use their die casting Design for Manufacturing expertise to suggest modifications that improve the manufacturability of the part, which may significantly reduce lead time and possibly the cost of the component. Although our customers are very knowledgeable at understanding both their component and the assembly, we have the benefit of years of manufacturing experience that directly relates to creating precision components. 

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Improve Manufacturability

Involving our engineering team early can significantly reduce lead time by allowing us to suggest design changes to improve manufacturability. Take advantage of our manufacturing expertise to ensure the design accounts for high-volume production with design changes such as a simple radius or draft angle modification, which can result in better tool life, higher repeatability, and lower cost.

When you work with our team we can suggest an alternative material or process that can increase performance and decrease cost. Because our tool design produces complex net-shape parts, it gives us the ability to streamline processes and eliminate unnecessary steps (such as machining or secondary operations). This can result in a reduction of the total cost of the project. 

Tool Design

Our team of toolmakers will design a tool that accounts for critical features. We can optimize our tooling design to accommodate for features that require tighter tolerances, for example we can avoid placing a post using two die halves near the parting line. When designing for cosmetic surfaces, we are able to optimize tool design and avoid gating in this area of the mold.

Approval Process Plans

At Dynacast, we use dual track approval process plans including predictive analysis software to analyze mold flow, optimize gating, and more. We utilize prototyping (such as 3D printing) to prepare our process for measurement, ensure repeatability and identify potential issues before the first shot from the tool.  With early involvement, we are able to optimize the manufacturing process to ensure the first shot from the tool is nearly perfect, approval is seamless and the shipment meets your deadline.

If you are looking for a partnership to help you apply new tools and technologies, or help you fully realize your design vision, let us help you move your business forward, contact our team today to get the conversation started.


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