Dynacast International has made a mark in the engineering industry with small metallic alloy parts. We have maintained high standards of quality for the past 80 years and all kinds of industries have approached us with solutions for engineering/re-engineering products and product assemblies at low prices and high quality standards.

Zinc alloy die casting is our specialty and we offer high quality components that are subjected to rigorous tests. Our die casting solutions are the best in the industry and are a result of extensive research, experience and hard work.

Why use zinc alloy die casting?

  • High Strength
  • Complete recycling is possible when the product is no longer in usable shape.
  • Immaculate finish
  • Thin walls can be incorporated in the zinc alloy die casting products.
  • Raw materials cost is very low.
  • Electrical conductivity is good.
  • Components made using zinc alloy die casting have an impressive thermal conductivity as compared to other metals.
  • Good stability
  • Dimensional accuracy is excellent.
  • Corrosion resistance.

Zinc alloy die casting can be used against stamped, machined and pressed materials for the above mentioned advantages.

Why choose the services of Dynacast?

  • Dynacast has a proven track record of excellent service for 80 years.
  • Sustained presence in the competitive market with good techniques.
  • Pay attention to customer needs.
  • High quality of service at low prices.
  • Bulk orders can be done at wholesale rates.
  • Quality assurance is offered.
  • Multiple solutions are at your disposal.
  • You can choose from more than one metal to be used in your product.
  • Experienced professionals handle the structuring details of the product.

Call us right now and get the perfect quotation for your product or assembly and experience the Dynacast difference in your product!


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