Designing in Zinc

Sign up for our free online webinar and discover how zinc can help you achieve design freedom, tighter tolerances, faster cycle times, reduced cost and more!

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Die Cast Design Roundtable

Download our shortened webinar for a quick die cast design overview, hear about our 2017 NADCA award-winning designs, and our detailed Q&A session at the end.  

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Injected Metal Assembly

Looking for a manufacturing solution that can join two or more dissimilar components together? Download our free online webinar about our injected metal assembly...

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What Drives Tool Cost?

Download the webinar and listen as our tooling experts discuss key elements that impact the cost of die cast tooling.

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Surface Finish 101

From utility and functional grade to commercial and consumer grade coatings—including decorative finishes—we will walk you through the considerations you should be making before selecting a surface finish. 

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Die Casting Materials

Before you go too far in your design, learn about each of the options readily available for manufacture. Download our on-demand webinar to learn more.

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