Specialty Die Casting

Die casting takes expertise that few possess. Different metals, processes, tooling, and machining all have to be taken into consideration before a part is produced. Our engineering and industry knowledge is what makes us, year-after-year, a leader in the die casting business.

Die Cast Metals

The wide range of metals we work with gives you the freedom to make the best choices for your products.

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Die Cast Process

Multiple die cast processes ensure the right process gets used for the right application. 

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Die Cast Tooling

Efficient, high-quality, and expert die casting tooling production is a key priority at Dynacast. We offer proprietary multi-slide and conventional die cast tooling to produce complex geometries and tighter tolerances.

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Die Cast Machining

Different metals require different machining processes. Our engineers will advise you on the right process for your components. 

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Surface Finishes & Plating

We have over 30 different surface finishes and plating options available. Use our filter tool to choose the right one.

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Part & Product Examples

Our part and products page allows you to easily find the alloy or industry finish that you are looking for in your component. 

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