Material Information

Creating the perfect component begins with choosing the right material. And when it comes to making this choice, we don’t believe in limiting your options.
  • Most of our factories use small machines with small melt pots which eliminate the need for a centralized furnace
  • This gives us greater flexibility, allowing us to melt different materials when needed
  • We keep multiple alloys in stock at all times
  • We develop alloys specifically to improve mechanical properties and enhance corrosion resistance
  • We supply a wide range of cosmetic finishes such as anodized aluminum

Our multiple material options ensure you enjoy a number of unique benefits:

  • You get greater design freedom to create the geometry and component features your product demands
  • Our wide range of alloys allows you to select specific options to reduce weight and costs
  • You’re assured you’ll always be able to find the right alloy for your component without having to rely on several different suppliers

  • Dynamic Process & Metal Selector

    This interactive tool allows you to filter by different properties that you could use for your component - giving you real time comparisons of different materials so you can choose what's best for the component you are creating.

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  • Die Cast Material Descriptions

    We manufacture miniature to large precision components in a broad range of zinc, aluminum, and magnesium alloys, using hot chamber and cold chamber die cast technologies, along with our proprietary multi-slide and standard tooling systems.

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