Dynacast is an internationally renowned organization having expertise in making metal components. We have a good presence in the global competitive market as a die cast manufacturer and have helped plenty of medium and small sized companies to find proper engineering products.

We always use the latest of technologies and identify key areas that need fine tuning in your products or assemblies for better results. We predominantly work with metals like zinc, magnesium and aluminium and our alloys with these products make your product durable and light. Magnesium die casting is employed in various industries given its advantages and we have our own fine tuned processes that are a result of extensive research, vast knowledge and experience in working the metals and its alloys for more than years.

Why prefer magnesium die casting?

  • Stiffness in these alloys is remarkable and strength to weight ratio is extremely useful in many sectors.
  • Has the capacity to bear temperature fluctuations.
  • Magnesium die casting is highly cost effective.
  • The walls can be made exceptionally thin.
  • Recycling is possible.
  • Corrosion resistance is offered.
  • Magnesium die casting is highly desirable as it is the lightest metal alloy.
  • Optimum stability is seen with good dimensional accuracy.
  • Both thermal and electrical conductivity can be achieved.
  • EMI and RFI shielding properties are admirable.
  • The finishing offered is very attractive.

We will help to design the component of your choice with maximum durability and within the budget! High temperature can be borne by these metal alloys and you will be highly impressed by the finished product we offer.

Why choose Dynacast?

  • We have 80 years of explicit experience in the manufacturing of alloy materials, especially with magnesium die casting.
  • Excellent track record with regards to delivery dates and the quality of the delivery.
  • We have the capacity to offer more than one solution.
  • We look closely into your requirement list and make sure your metal needs are properly catered to.
  • Professionals having thorough knowledge of metals and expertise to handle materials work with us.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

To experience the difference in your product and accelerate your growth, give us a ring or drop a mail right away!

Each alloy has its own characteristics - our Material Selector will guide you to choose one suitable one for your application.


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