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Multi-Slide Vs. Conventional Die Casting

If you are using a conventional die casting process, it may be worth taking the time to understand how multi-slide works and how it could be a better fit for your project. If your part is less than 400g, multi-slide is usually the better option. 

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Fiber Optics- The Importance of Reliability

It is no doubt that we are a hyper-connected society. With internet browsing and live streaming at our fingertips, consumers are constantly connected. Fiber optic broadband is becoming the gold standard in homes and businesses across the world. The best thing about fiber optics is that it can offer much faster speeds over much longer distances—if the components are working properly. When it comes to fiber optics and their metal components, reliability matters most. 

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How Culture Drives Growth and Profit

My previous blog post focused on three key areas that are critical to the success and growth of manufacturing: our people, our customers, and our plants. For this post, I want to expand on one of those key areas, our people. Dynacast’s employees are the reason we are as profitable and successful as we are. 

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