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Facility Spotlight: Dynacast Montreal

Designed for innovation and agility, this 44,000 square foot die casting plant manufactured more than 70.3 million die cast parts in 2019 for a number of hardware industry sectors including electrical connectors and hardware, door lock components, window, furniture, household appliance, and industrial hardware.

Dynacast Montreal is a high-performing plant with a cross-functional, lean structure, and like most of our facilities, is successful because of its people. Here, there are specialists in die cast machines, tooling design and manufacturing, and casting processes as well. Virtually every step of the die casting process is housed in one place.

With high-volume programs driven by automation, an extensive array of in-house capabilities, and a localized supply chain mindset, Dynacast Montreal differentiates itself to offer the highest value of any supplier to the hardware sector. Learn more about what makes Montreal special in this facility spotlight.

Leading in manufacturing automation and die casting solutions

Dynacast Montreal is better-positioned than any other supplier in the market to provide full die casting solutions for the hardware industry, in part because Montreal is home to Dynacast’s Techmire division. We have the capacity and expertise to produce die casting machines and tooling in-house, as well as optimize the die casting process.

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With the three pillars of die casting all under one roof, Dynacast Montreal is able to leverage innovation in all stages of the production environment to deliver precision hardware components, faster.


For instance, when part geometry allows it, Montreal’s engineers are able to utilize detailed design features to degate the part during the ejection process (also known as in-die degating) allowing parts to then move to additional operations like tapping, wash and tumble, and other finishing processes without additional handling. Utilizing these advanced manufacturing technologies and Lean principles, Dynacast Montreal is able to increase reliability and quality while simultaneously minimizing downtime and part-to-part variance–engineering value into every stage of the die casting process for their customers.

In-house capabilities

With Techmire zinc multi-slide die casting platforms ranging from 7.9 - 65 tonnes, Dynacast Montreal is able to cast complex shapes while maintaining the perfect balance of machine tonnage versus machine speed to maximize the production output. This allows their customers to receive the best of both worlds – elite process capability and parts manufactured at high speed. And while this facility specializes in zinc die casting, Dynacast Montreal is equipped for just about every part of the die casting process.

Some of the Montreal’s features and capabilities include:

  • 20 Techmire zinc multi-slide machines
  • Precision tool building
  • Complex, high volume casting, including internal threads
  • Design, prototyping, and modeling services
  • Wide range of automated or semi-automated surface finishing including tumbling, polishing, and shot blasting
  • Wide range of secondary operations including tapping, reaming and drilling
  • Network of certified suppliers that can offer any cosmetic or protective coating required

Cast Internal Threads

Over the years, Dynacast Montreal has leveraged intimate machine knowledge and tooling design expertise to cast internal threads. With a proprietary three-plate design, Montreal has the ability to cast reliable, easy starting internal threads every time. This means that their customers not only receive the benefit of the reduction of operations, but also the added benefit of the casting ‘skin’ on the threads which offers a significant increase in strength and durability. And with autodegating incorporated directly into the tooling, parts can go directly from the casting machine to shipping with no additional operations.

Die Casting | Internal Threads | Net Shape

Dynacast IP

This facility is also largely responsible for the production of most of the industrial products for Dynacast IP. Dynacast Montreal has years of experience manufacturing a variety of commercial fasteners, including corrosion resistant wing nuts, smooth starting panel mounting nuts, and durable concrete anchors. Check out more of Dynacast IP’s commercial fastener offerings here.

Streamline your supply chain in-house

Dynacast Montreal houses virtually every step of the die casting process. With the die cast machines, tooling production, casting and finishing services all in one place, you can single-source your entire project from their facility.

All-in-one die casting with Dynacast Montreal

With a comprehensive suite of die casting capabilities, Dynacast Montreal continues to develop innovative continuous flow manufacturing processes to provide the best service, state-of-the-art technology, and cost-effective solutions in industry.


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