Growing Markets, Limitless Possibilities

Our value engineering approach means we can provide solutions to service any industry. And with the explosion of handheld technology, we’ve seen the industries we serve increase exponentially:

  • The majority of our customers come from highly demanding industries where quality is everything
  • Since time-to-market is critical, they partner with us because we guarantee the volume of quality components they need
  • Our goal of zero-defect quality means we are the preferred supplier of many of the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers
  • The majority of vehicles within North America, Europe, and Asia contain precision metal components manufactured by us too

The reality is, with our world-class technology and processes, we can serve any industry and any level of ambition with superior precision components and outstanding part-to-part consistency.

See how we could serve your industry, talk to us about your next project.


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Last updated 07.23.2021