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Welcome to Our Improved Website


For my first blog post, I’m excited to guide you through a few highlights of Dynacast’s improved website.

At Dynacast, we know that visitors need to not only have an easy, quick way to find information, but also the ability to see Dynacast’s alloys, process offerings, and design expertise in a precise, detailed manner. On top of the added features I detail below, the site is completely rebranded, and is cleaner, more flexible, and easier to navigate. 

The Knowledge Center

Dynacast is a leader in the small component manufacturing industry with over 80 years of experience, and this new section of our website showcases our expertise. The Knowledge Center is where you can find blogs, case studies, white papers, and a wealth of knowledge relating to manufacturing and die casting. You can dive deeper into our multiple processes and materials as well as the materials that we have available for your next component design.

Dynamic Process & Metal Selector

One of the new features on our site is the dynamic process and metal selector. This selector tool allows you to easily compare different materials to see which one works best for your application. You can use the tabs to see the physical properties and the composition of each material. There is also a great feature at the bottom that allows you to either share your results by email, or contact one of our engineers about the results.

Our Blogs

The blog section of our website had a complete overhaul. So that you can learn from the experts from the Dynacast team, new blog content will be posted weekly. You can recommend topics that you are interested in learning more about, and your topics can be incorporated into future posts.

Case Studies

In order to make our case studies page easier for you, we added in a filter by topic option. We’ve also highlighted the newest case study and give you the ability to read a short description before reading the full document.


Dynacast has over 80 years of history. In order to showcase this properly, we completely reworked the history page. It starts with the immigration of Otto Gries and continues into present day. It’s an easy to navigate, interactive timeline that showcases the evolution of Dynacast.


Our locations page features a streamlined, consistent view of all of the available manufacturing sites at Dynacast. You’ll notice that when you click into a specific location, you can easily see the address, phone number, machines available, and certifications. 

As you look through our new site, let me know what you like and what you think could be improved. We are constantly looking for ways to improve communications and make our site easier to use.


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