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Dynacast's High Quality Tooling


There are many die casting companies that make tools in order to manufacture a customer’s product. So why are Dynacast’s tools higher quality? As the Operations Manager for Dynacast’s Germantown tooling division, I’ve seen first hand why our tools are preferred over others in the business. Here are the three main reasons that our tooling is high in quality and capable of producing more precise components:

1. Design for Manufacturing
The process for how we make our tools is one of the reasons they are higher quality. Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is an initial step that we take with our customers to make sure that any potential short falls of the tool are vetted and fixed before the tool is built. This could be as simple as moving a parting line, changing the draft, or modifying other features that not only improve the part for the customer but also increases the quality of the tool. In the design phase we can predict if there will be a place on the tool that will have significant wear. Once this is predicted we can create inserts for the tool that saves time and effort in maintenance.  Because of these design modifications we can run our tools with minimal downtime.

2. Tool Design
The materials that we use for our tooling is a critical piece of the tooling process. We use a specific steel type with an additional heat treatment that can withstand a high number of shots and maintain the integrity of the component being manufactured. The tool design also depends on the type of machine that is running the component. There are different steel types and hardness depending on the machine used. The cavities that we machine also makes our tools last longer than other manufacturers. Our designs create tools that last longer yet have gone through more shots than conventional tools. Our multi-slide technology typically comes with a lifetime warranty for the tool. This is not commonly done with other manufacturers, especially for conventional tooling applications; normally the customer will pay a small price per part for tooling replacements. We try to keep the replacement price low, if there is any, because the tool lasts longer.

3. Tool Maker Experience
I feel that the main differentiator between our tools and other manufacturers is our experience. In the tooling division of Dynacast there are about 25 toolmakers and 95% of them have been with the company for over 25 years. Their knowledge and years of experience makes an enormous difference in how long a tool will run. They are able to anticipate issues with the initial tooling design that others simply could not anticipate. Also, they’ve worked with thousands of clients so they have the knowledge of many different parts and design modification solutions for any issues that arise.  

What questions do you have about Dynacast’s tooling? Is there any additional information that you’d like to know? I’m interested to hear your thoughts.   


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Last updated 12.24.2019