Overcome Die Casting Defects

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Join our exclusive webinar on advanced techniques and solutions. 

Struggling with die casting defects that impact your production efficiency and product quality? Looking for expert guidance to optimize your die casting processes? 
Join our highly informative and engaging webinar, "Overcome Die Casting Defects." Gain the knowledge and techniques to identify, prevent, and resolve common die casting defects. 


Why Attend? 

  • In-Depth Knowledge: Defects, causes, troubleshooting. 
  •  Advanced Techniques: Minimize defects, optimize parameters. 
  • Interact with Experts: Engage directly with our panel of die casting experts.  
  • Drive Efficiency and Savings: Improve efficiency, achieve cost savings. 

Webinar Details: 

  • Overcome Die Casting Defects 
  • When: Thursday, August 10
  • Time: 2:00 p.m. EST 
  • Speakers: 


Rodrigo Ballesteros, Sr. Business Development Manager - Dynacast International


Max Gondek, Sr. Applications Engineer - Dynacast North America 



Who Should Attend? Ideal for die casting engineers, manufacturing managers, quality control personnel, and professionals involved in die casting. Valuable insights and practical solutions for beginners and experts alike. 
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