Dynacast has a longstanding and proud partnership with industry organizations and advanced technology consultants. This helps Dynacast stay on the leading edge of technology.
We partner with an extensive supply base to finish, coat, machine and assemble components to supplement our operations. This allows us to supply our customers with product that can go right to their assembly lines, regardless of where in the world assembly takes place.

Industrial Products

Dynacast Industrial Products combines its strong North American roots with our 20 global locations to assure the lowest production cost while maintaining the highest quality and service standards. When customers demand high-volume precision parts with uniformity and design flexibility, our Multi-slide Technology cannot be matched. 

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For your small component assembly needs, or for unique workholding techniques, FisherTech offers your company leading edge die casting technology.

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Techmire was founded in 1973 and today is a leader in the design and manufacture of multiple-slide die casting systems for precision components in zinc and lead alloys. Techmire was acquired by Dynacast in 2007.

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BONER Galvanotechnik Plating

Founded in 1971, BONER Galvanotechnik GmbH started as a expert die caster specializing in the electroplating of precision parts. Dynacast  Germany announced that as of January 12th, 2023, BONER will become a 100% subsidiary of Dynacast and will remain independent.

Dynacast customers will now benefit even more from the comprehensive expertise in manufacturing high-precision die cast parts with electroplated surfaces. In addition to various standard coatings, BONER focuses specifically on Copper-Nickel and Copper-Nickel-Tin plating and is one of the top specialists in drum-plating of high precision and sensitive die castings in Europe.

BONER Galvanotechnik is ISO 9001 certified, guaranteeing quality assurance.

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