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What are your minimum annual order quantities?
Do you offer prototyping services?
How large of a die casting can Dynacast produce
If I send you a 3D CAD (STEP) file, why do you need 2D drawings?
What other questions can I answer to receive a quick turn around on my quote?
Can you sign our NDA before we provide sensitive project information?
Does Dynacast guarantee die life?
Are Dynacast multi-slide die casting machines capable of casting aluminum parts?
Can Dynacast accept and utilize dies transferred from other die casters if they have not been designed to run on Dynacast machines?
When is the best time to contact Dynacast for a quote?
What materials does Dynacast offer?

Die Casting

What is the typical minimum wall thickness of your Zinc and Aluminum die castings?
Can you recycle gates and runners?
When casting rapid prototypes via investment casting, spin, or chemically bonded sand casting does one use the exact same metal alloy that will be utilized with mass production die casting?
Can I expect to receive die cast parts that are 100% free of porosity defects?
Where can I find the most commonly used plating/coatings and their corresponding salt spray resistance times?
What is the difference between solidification porosity and entrapped air porosity?
Can a zinc die casting contain an audio signal, receiver, transmitter that does not block a signal?
Is it necessary to wash or shot blast die castings prior to application of any plating or coating?
What types of surface coatings are available to aluminum die castings?
Can you anodize die cast aluminum?
What die cast alloy has the highest thermal conductivity?
Can you weld die cast parts?

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