Driving The Future Forward

In everything we do, we always consider how we can do it better. Innovation is the yardstick we work by as we create the advanced tools and techniques to move the industry forward.

This delivers some important benefits:

  • We can help you take your products further while shortening lead times and lowering costs
  • We’ve invented new multi-slide technologies that are redefining the results you can expect every day 
  • These technologies eliminate secondary operations such as machining, increasing manufacturing speeds and offering you reliable results with no capacity constraints
  • Innovations such as thin wall aluminum die casting deliver higher strength components at a fraction of the weight
  • And injected metal assembly (IMA), also known as insert molding, outperforms most adhesives for small component joining and assembly—all while reducing manufacturing costs

Ultimately, our innovation is about your business, delivering you higher quality components and a better product, every single time.

See how our innovative techniques could improve your business, talk to us about your next project.


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Last updated 11.12.2020