At Dynacast, we are at the forefront of rapid prototyping for mass production die cast components. We build components and tools in-house or we work with our certified suppliers all over the world to ensure the best possible results, including:

  • Producing batch quantities of prototype parts with material characteristics and accuracy representative of production die casting
  • Producing single cavity tools using rapid prototyping high-speed machining techniques
  • Manufacturing master models used to produce economical gravity cast and plaster Moulded prototypes in zinc, Aluminium and magnesium
  • Offering prototyping methods, such as machining prototypes out of bar stock, customized to mimic the mechanical properties of the various alloys we die cast
  • Creating fully functional prototypes to match the strengths and mechanical properties of a die cast component with our sister company, Signicast.


Building Better Prototypes

These days, consumers demand perfection from their products—and perfection comes from constant innovation, trial, and revision. We know that your prototypes will be put to the test, and we wouldn’t expect anything less. That’s why we want to get you the highest quality functional prototype to meet your project’s requirements. But high-quality prototypes come from many processes, and to determine which process is best for you, we need to know the most important requirements that you’ll be measuring in your testing iterations.

Do you need to verify the strength of your component? Does your product require exact tolerances and you need to check the fit of the part? Do you need to determine whether the wall thickness in sections of the part need to be revised for weight or fit?

Once these requirements are established, our expert engineers can help you smoothly navigate the rest of your prototyping process options and transition your component into successful mass production.

Ask an engineer which prototyping process is right for your component, or read up about die casting prototyping process in our Knowledge Centre.

Rapid Prototyping

We’re often asked about our prototyping lead times when it comes to delivering a fully functional prototype to your doorstep. But the truth is, the lead time is dependent on many factors, including the chosen manufacturing process and finishing requirements. Our most popular prototyping processes for die casting include:

Investment Casting

If you need a truly fully functional prototype of your final die cast component, investment casting is the most suitable process. Investment casting can offer an exact replica of your die cast component in a variety of customizable alloys.

Spin Casting

If you need a prototype for a part with complex, exact geometries fast, spin casting is the process for you. Spin casting delivers the best ROI for small parts with intricate wall design.

Machine from Solid

If your project has a strict budget or time table, consider machining from bar stock to get a prototype to your door, fast. Machining from bar stock is also a good measure for testing the ultimate strength of your end die cast component.

Prototype Capabilities for Die Casting

When it comes to developing your ideas, we can handle the most efficient prototyping processes for your component. Our sales and design engineers have seen it all, from prototyping for the medical, automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace, and Defence industries, to name a few. With our experience, we are equipped to help you optimize your prototyping process for any precision metal component.

While there are a variety of different prototyping options available, Dynacast typically creates prototypes for projects that have the potential for production in the die casting process. If you are looking for prototyping services and mass production, contact your local Dynacast representative to learn more.

Not ready for mass production? Check out our sister company, Signicast. They can create rapid prototypes in as little as 5 days! 

Click below to learn about the top 3 prototyping methods for die casting.


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