Three Technologies that Solve Common Manufacturing Problems

Dynacast Webinar | Common Manufacturing Problems | Die Casting

Three innovative technologies that deliver solutions

The die casting process can have significant advantages over other manufacturing processes. With die casting, you can cast net-shape components to minimize secondary operations and consolidate multiple parts into a single component, allowing you to:

  • Eliminate unnecessary assembly operations
  • Streamline your supply chain
  • Simplify stock control
  • All while gaining greater performance and part-to-part consistency

But what technologies make that possible?

Dynacast is home to three innovative technologies that solve common manufacturing problems: multi-slide die casting, injected metal assembly, and center gate technology. Struggling with consistent part quality at high volume? Multi-slide die casting could be the solution for you. Looking for a better, longer-lasting assembly method for similar or dissimilar materials? Look no further than injected metal assembly. Have a component that needs complex external threads? Learn more about our center gating technology.

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