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The Benefits of Our A2 Machines

A2 Multi-Slide SIS Die Casting Machine


One of the factors that continues to distinguish Dynacast from other die casting companies is our unique four slide (multi-slide) casting machines. We have many different types of proprietary machines that allow for faster cycle times and tighter tolerances giving our customers a variety of options for their die casting needs.

Higher Quality Demands: A2 Thruster

Created in 2008, our A2 machine can handle components from 3.5 to 35 grams and 75x65 mm. It has four pneumatic movements and four hydraulic thrusters for a locking force of up to six tons. The machine is a low-cost machine that’s used for higher quality demands. Compared to other die casting machines, our A2 is capable of more cavities and a higher shot weight. A2 Thrusters have a flexible crosshead adaptor system and a fast pneumatic injection system. The locking force is independent of the air supply because it uses hydraulic thrusters.

Create Parts with Less Flash: A206 SIS

The A206 SIS machine was first created for Dynacast in 2011. Based on the A2 thruster machine, it is a low cost SIS machine used for higher quality demands. Like the A2 Thruster, the A206 SIS has four pneumatic movements and four hydraulic thrusters for up to six tons of locking force. The machine also takes up minimal floor space.

One of the main difference between the A2 and the A206 SIS is that the A206 has a SIS hydraulic injection system. This system is a two-phase injection that avoids heavy flashes and improves the surface and porosity of a part, therefore improving the part quality. There are constant process paraMetres that equate to high repeatability. A great feature of this machine is the ability to run data comparisons on current runs versus previous runs. This allows us to easily see if the parts are being manufactured the same throughout the entire process.

Flawless Surface Quality & Decreased Porosity: A210 SIS

The A210 SIS machine was created in 2009. This machine is typically positioned between our A2 and A3 machines and has ten tons of locking force. The A210 SIS is usable for all of the A2 die sizes that are available – which means it can create components up to 100 x 100 mm. The shot weight is up to 90 grams and it, like the A206 SIS, contains an SIS injection system. The A210 SIS machine fills parts faster without heavy flash and improves surface quality and decreases the porosity of parts. It has high CPM rates for A3 parts while being able to have more cavities for A2 parts than previous machines. There is also faster set-up time because it has a quick connector system for sliders.

High-Quality Decorative Metal Components

The A2 machines that we have available make it possible for us to produce parts in mass quantities while still ensuring the best quality. Our high-density capabilities with our multi-slide SIS machines make it possible to create metal components without internal voids so that you can create highly decorative components at a higher yield rate.

We are constantly upgrading and updating these machines to keep them running smoothly and to make sure they have the most up-to-date technology. If you are looking for a partnership to help you apply new tools and technologies, or help you fully realize your design vision, let us help you move your business forward, contact our team today to get the conversation started.


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