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Multi-Metal Tooling (MMT): One Tool, Multiple Alloys

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Dynacast has a new standard in the die casting industry with its innovative, multi-slide hot chamber aluminium die casting machine. This first-of-its-kind machine enables Multi-Metal Tooling (MMT), which means it can produce zinc, magnesium, and aluminium parts with the same tool using a specific metal injection unit. This is a significant breakthrough in the industry as it allows designers and engineers to create prototypes quickly and easily in a range of materials without having to invest in multiple tools or make assumptions about which material to use as performances can be tested on real parts.


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MMT Process


The MMT technology offers a streamlined design process, eliminating the need of investing in multiple prototype tools, allowing designers to take decisions based on real data rather than assumptions. This cutting-edge technology saves both time and money by reducing the need for investment in multiple tools or expensive tooling process changes.


One tool three different metals

Advantages of MMT

One of the biggest advantages of MMT is that it helps to streamline the design process. Designers no longer have to make assumptions about which material fits better with product requirements, being limited by prototyping budget. Instead, they employ design for manufacturing (DFM) and can quickly create prototypes in each material for testing.


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Prototyping with MMT


The A3 machine used for MMT has a clamping force of 28 tons and a maximum tool size of 120X160 mm, making it ideal for casting a wide range of small to mid-size parts with unique characteristics and requirements.


Multi-slide hot chamber multi-metal tooling is a game-changing technology that is only available at Dynacast. With this groundbreaking technology, designers and engineers can prototype and test their ideas using just one tool, regardless of the die casting material they want to use. This represents a unique advantage that can help to streamline the design process, save time and money, and create prototypes in a wide range of different die casting alloys.


MMT is revolutionizing the die casting industry by providing a one-stop-shop for designers and engineers. With this innovative technology, they can create prototypes quickly and easily, test them in a range of different materials, and make design decisions based on real data. This new technology is a significant breakthrough in the industry, and Dynacast is leading the way with its groundbreaking new manufacturing process.


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