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Fiber Optics: The Importance of Reliability


It is no doubt that we are a hyper-connected society. With internet browsing and live streaming at our fingertips, consumers are constantly connected. We want everything in an instant and we want it fast. When it comes to high-speed internet, fiber optic broadband is becoming the gold standard in homes and businesses across the world. While Asia, Europe, and Latin American already have extensive fiber optic internet networks, the U.S. is expanding one city at a time. The best thing about fiber optics is that it can offer much faster speeds over much longer distances—if the components are working properly. When it comes to fiber optics and their metal components, reliability matters most. 

The Right Metal For Your Fiber Optic Component

When dealing with die casting and fiber optics, it is important to find a die casting manufacturer that works with a variety of different alloys. From Aluminium to zinc, different metals are fit for different jobs. Working with a die caster that has the ability to work with a variety of different metals ensures that you are creating a quality part from the right materials—not because it was the only option.

Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) is another option for fiber optics. The MIM process allows for more robust metals like stainless steel, as well as customizable alloys. Parts can be Moulded into more intricate shapes, with a wider range of sizes, tighter tolerances, and at high volume.

If you are still looking for the right material for your fiber optic component, or you are interested in learning about other possible solutions, check out this metal selector tool.

Dynacast part product photos. Die casting fiber optic transceivers.

Zinc and Aluminium fiber optic die cast components created by Dynacast.

Tooling and Design for Complex Parts

After choosing the right metal for your project, it is equally important to create exceptional designs and tools. When Dynacast is involved early in your design process our engineers can help you take advantage of our multi-slide technology. When you utilize our multi-slide technology, you can be more flexible with the directions of pull, which allows for more complex parts to be manufactured consistently without as many secondary operations—which reduces the cost per part.  

Importance of Post-Cast Testing

Die casting—especially small precision fiber optic components—requires superb quality and consistency. Therefore, it is important to have controls in place to avoid dimensional, internal, and surface defects. For a thin walled and intricate component such as a fiber optic transceiver, you need to know that over time the part will not break or wear easily—specifically in harsh environmental conditions like high temperatures and high humidity. Partnering with a die casting manufacturer that will complete accelerated life testing to qualify your parts is crucial to the success of your project.

Dynacast’s experience and resources provide our fiber optic customers a wide range of design, manufacturing, and value-added services like surface protection treatments. Our success with creating fiber optic components has helped us to develop working relationships with some of the industries leading suppliers. If you are looking to supply the growing fiber optics industry with quality components, it is important to work with a quality vendor. Contact one of our engineers today to talk about your next project.


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