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Facility Spotlight: Dynacast Peterborough


Dynacast Peterborough is located outside of Toronto in Canada and we produce parts at this facility for customers located throughout North America.  At Dynacast Peterborough, we have a variety of machines that enable us to produce a broad range of parts for our customers.


Typical Component Sizes

We serve many different industries including automotive, electronics, telecommunications, hardware industrial controls, and hand tools.

For multi-slide die casting needs, components can range up to 1800 grams (four pounds) with linear dimensions up to 200 mm (eight inches). These components can have a height up to 75 mm (three inches). 


Production Options

There are three different types of machines used for production – multi-slide, standard, and injected metal assembly.

Smaller die cast production utilizes our multi-slide machines. These machines are high-speed automatic machines that use the hot-chamber die cast method. The machines have typical cycle rates that range between 5-30 CPM. There is no secondary trimming or burring required when components are cast on these machines.

Standard die cast production utilizes Frech 80T and Frech 200T machines. These machines have typical cycle rates of 3-5 CPM. Secondary flash removal is not normally required.

IMA utilizes zinc die cast machines that are made specifically for the process. Learn more about the IMA process and how it lowers costs and creates stronger parts compared to other assembly methods.

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