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Facility Spotlight: Dynacast Elgin

Multi-Award Winning Die Casting Facility

Dynacast Elgin creates over a million precision zinc and Aluminium die cast components each day from their 112,000 square foot facility. While that number alone is impressive, the real story lies in the people who and the number of award-winning components this facility has produced. We believe that the foundation of any successful project lies within the component design. For Dynacast Elgin that starts with their engineering team, winners of two International Die Casting Design Awards this past year.

While the award-winning components were created for automotive applications, each had very different functions and both were previously produced using a different manufacturing process. The over 6oz category winner was previously a machined Aluminium extrusion assembly. The engineering team designed the part into a single component, utilizing Zamak 3 that incorporated necessary mounting features. The under 6oz category winner was previously a stamped component. Utilizing the facilities’ state-of-the-art software, the Elgin engineering team modified this part and designed it for the die casting process resulting in a higher strength component than the previously stamped version. Both redesigns reduced the overall part cost for the customer.

The team takes pride in helping customers determine the best materials and processes to deliver the best results for their business. They are driven to produce any component that customers bring to the table. With over 12 NADCA die casting awards, the Elgin engineering team has proven successfully their design for manufacturability techniques can create components other die casters simply cannot.

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In-House Capabilities

Utilizing design, prototyping and modeling services, Dynacast Elgin provides manufacturing solutions to customers all over North America. Not only does Elgin build their tools in-house, they also run 9 Aluminium die casting machines and 76 multi-slide zinc die casting machines—ranging from 4-600 ton locking force and part size varying from 1g to 7lbs. In addition to the wide array of die casting machines, Elgin has over 25 CNC machines—plus dedicated tapping, reaming, and drilling machines—far exceeding the capabilities of other die casters.

Additionally, Elgin’s specialty secondary manufacturing department and their robust network of certified suppliers supports many best-in-class manufacturers from a variety of industries including medical equipment & devices, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and automotive—both electronics and safety-critical components.

Outstanding People

While the production facility alone is impressive, Dynacast Elgin’s capabilities truly lie in the people that work there—from the 300+ hard working and dedicated people that run the machines to the management team that has over 130 years of combined die casting experience. The facility is driven by knowledgeable people with a customer-first mindset. The in-house tool room is driven highly-experienced toolmakers—each having decades of experience—as well as tooling apprentices learning from the best in the industry. Apprenticeship and education don’t stop in the tool room; they also host an in-house graduate program dedicated to students passionate about the industry. Dynacast Elgin realizes the importance of instilling their current knowledge base into the future leaders of the industry.

Operational Excellence

Elgin was one of the first Dynacast facilities to implement FOS (Form Technologies Operating System.) The FOS platform incorporates a coordinated set of procedures for identifying problems, implementing changes, and developing easily repeatable systems that can be adopted into everyday Practises. By utilizing 5S and other lean manufacturing techniques, Elgin has drastically improved the overall performance of the plant resulting in a positive impact on their customers. This new philosophy is not just a strategy implemented by management but a culture that has improved their way of thinking allowing them to maximize productivity and reduce waste.

Dynacast Elgin is the recipient of the NADCA safety award for achieving an outstanding record that exceeds national manufacturing averages. 

Midwest NAFTA Die Casting Company

Dynacast Elgin is a NAFTA certified die caster that works with organizations all over the world, helping bring their ideas to life with the highest quality die cast components around the globe. Utilizing only certified alloys, Elgin delivers the results their customers need with the cost-effectiveness their business demands. Learn how to simplify your die casting process and reduce costs, contact Dynacast Elgin today to speak with someone from their local team or request a plant tour.


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