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Dynacast Germany trains the toolmakers of the future


Dynacast Germany is investing in the future with an enterprising apprenticeship program, which has already trained 41 apprentices in the fine art of tool making.

The program runs for three and a half years and takes interested candidates with a secondary certificate qualification. Each applicant must do a two and a half hour practical and theoretical test before being accepted into the program. The aim of the program is to offer appropriate candidates the very best training, which Dynacast will ultimately benefit from.


Dynacast Germany’s apprenticeship department with six of their current nine toolmaker apprentices

“We look for candidates who not only have the required intellect, but who are driven and passionate about the entire metal tooling and production process. When we invest in apprentices, we do it for the long term, with the view to making them a valued part of the Dynacast team”, said Mr Helmut Goehr, Dynacast Germany’s General Manager.

Every year, three apprentices are accepted into the intensive training programme which covers a variety of specialist skills including EDM, CNC milling, CNC turning, workbench processes, full production process workflow, the reading of technical drawings and how to work with metal in theory and Practise.

At the end of the apprenticeship, the apprentices become full employees of Dynacast Germany, working in the tool room and in other parts of the company.


Interested in joining the programme? Click here to apply.


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Last updated 04.11.2023