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Durable, rustproof, and corrosion-resistant, our wing nuts have exclusive patented recessed wings for extra-firm finger grip and smooth-acting washer-like bosses. The nuts have a natural finish which may be used "as is" or plated in any commercial finish.


Dynacast IP offers a number of styles to suit your needs. We have a light-weight Economy series wing nut, a mid-range Junior series, and our most durable, the Senior.  All three series come in a wide range of thread sizes and can be plated to meet your individual needs. We also have the high and low profile nuts for applications in which a standard wing nut will not work.


Dynacast IP's unique die casting methods guarantee the highest quality wing nuts at the lowest prices, with complete uniformity, clean, accurate threads, the most styles and sizes, and the widest selection; all from a single source.


Industries we serve

Does your project require stainless steel wing nuts for added strength? Our line of stainless steel stamped wing nuts in both standard and high boss finishes are the perfect alternative for the HVAC industry when a forged or die cast wing nut is not an option.


One of our most popular styles is the washer base line. These come in several thread sizes and washer diameters from ½” to 7/8”. Our ¼ to 20 version with 7/8” washer and nickel plating meets all building code requirements for the hurricane shutter industry. 


Interested in learning more about how our wing nuts stand apart from the rest? Contact our team today.



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