Multiple Design Solutions

Our dedicated team of over one hundred highly trained and experienced engineers will work with you from early in your project to ensure your component is designed with manufacturing in mind, so you avoid expensive secondary operations like machining or extra assembly steps. Our goal is always to determine the best design, materials and methods which will deliver optimum results for your product.

  • Die Cast Design

    See ways that our designs can help with manufacturability, improving your part, and creating tighter tolerances. 

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  • Free Technical Seminars

    Our design and value analysis/value engineering seminars can help you save money and optimize your product design. We provide the expertise, presentation and samples—all you provide is the venue and the people to train.

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  • Stress and Strain of Die Cast Alloys

    The stress and strain of die cast alloys are an important design consideration when creating a metal component. There is nothing worse than coming up with a brilliant component design only to choose the wrong alloy for the job. Read more here.

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  • Prototyping

    We are right at the forefront of rapid prototyping technology for both component and tooling production. We build components and tools in-house or we work with our certified suppliers all over the world to ensure the best possible results.

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