Why Dynacast

Dynacast partners with organizations worldwide to transform their concepts into high-quality die cast components. With expertise spanning diverse sectors such as automotive, healthcare, and consumer electronics, we draw from over 80 years of industry experience. Our proficiency elevates client value from design-to-manufacturing process. Today, Dynacast globally recognized as the pinnacle of precision metal components.


No project is too large or too geographically dispersed. We operate 21 plants across 15 countries with each site dedicated to the same uncompromising levels of quality, precision, and performance.

This delivers a range of key benefits:

  • Each of our facilities is committed to sharing knowledge about ways to do things faster or at lower cost.
  • We offer our employees global training, expertise, and perspectives that enhances their local performance.
  • Despite being a global organization, you’ll have a unique one-to-one relationship with us and a single point of contact..
  • Our local presence means we understand your language, culture, and business practices.
  • You’ll also benefit from a global network with standardized equipment, technology, quality systems, and engineering capabilities.

With Dynacast, you can seamlessly launch programs anywhere in the world with minimal risk and lower costs.

Dynacast Employees in our Dynacast Peterborough manufacturing facility



We know that unreliable delivery impacts your bottom line – from expedited freight premiums to potential loss of customers to maintaining higher than normal safety stock levels.

Which is why we do things differently:

  • With 21 plants in 15 countries, we’re physically closer to where you need us—lowering freight costs and accelerating response times.
  • We can engineer in one location and simultaneously launch in multiple global geographies.
  • We can span production across multiple facilities to offer you unprecedented scale and massive volumes.
  • Just-in-time manufacturing which delivers higher productivity and faster time to market.
  • High-speed, multi-slide equipment allows for quick changeovers delivering greater scheduling flexibility.
  • And because we know our equipment inside out, our delivery commitment to you is always based on knowledge rather than estimate.

It means you’re assured consistent, on-time delivery, more satisfied customers, and better business.



Quality is everything for us. It’s why we’ve developed the advanced tools and techniques to deliver the results you need with the cost effectiveness your business demands. We’ve pioneered innovations that are now the foundation for an entire industry. Innovations such as:

  • Thin wall aluminum die casting enabling you to build smaller and lighter products at lower component costs.
  • Eliminating costly machining so you benefit from shorter lead times and improved yields.
  • A unique, high-speed, multi-slide technology to deliver you net shape the first time.

And that’s just the start.

Today, we deliver over 5 billion precision components globally every year. And every one of our 21 facilities worldwide is dedicated to a program of continual improvement.

Precision die casted components after an in-depth quality check


In everything we do, we always consider how we can do it better. Innovation is the yardstick we work by as we create the advanced tools and techniques to move the industry forward.
This delivers some important benefits:

  • We can help you take your products further while shortening lead times and lowering costs.
  • We’ve invented new multi-slide technologies that are redefining the results you can expect every day.
  • These technologies eliminate secondary operations such as machining, increasing manufacturing speeds and offering you reliable results with no capacity constraints.
  • Innovations such as thin wall aluminum die casting deliver higher strength components at a fraction of the weight.
  • And injected metal assembly (IMA), also known as insert molding, outperforms most adhesives for small component joining and assembly—all while reducing manufacturing costs.

Ultimately, our innovation is about your business, delivering you higher quality components and a better product—every single time.



It’s why today, across multiple industries and multiple geographies, Dynacast is the name synonymous with precision engineered die cast components.

Dyancast Statistics of creating 5 billion die cast components annually

We help our customers bring their ideas to life with the highest quality engineered die cast components on the planet. In doing so, we help create new business opportunities and reduce costly inefficiencies. 

See how Dynacast can improve your business, talk to us about your next project.


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