Ribs & Corners

Ribs increase the stiffness and strength of a component, and assist in the production of a sound part.

Today’s technology allows for thinner and deeper ribs than were previously possible. However, the ratio of width to depth has a significant bearing on the design of the tool and the processes used to manufacture it.

  • If the component is a structural part, careful consideration must be given to the design of ribs, especially in areas of high stress
  • Properly proportioned fillet and radii must be used to avoid high stress concentrations at the junction of the rib and the main component—this can also assist in producing a sound part by providing a means of distributing the metal
  • The component designer should note that corners and edges at the parting line location must be sharp
  • All other locations should have fillet or radii to avoid problems with early tool failure, and promote better filling of the cavity


Recommended casting rib designs

Designs to avoid 


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