Commercial Fasteners

Utilizing our unparalleled global manufacturing and engineering resources, Dynacast Industrial Products brings value-added cost reductions to standard zinc and aluminum die cast fasteners and standard components. Dynacast's exclusive die casting production methods assure accurate and uniform parts with smooth surfaces. Dynacast die cast industrial products reduce costs, simplify assembly and improve both appearance and function of end-products.



Dynacast Industrial Products offers the widest range of fasteners in-stock that include wing nuts, cap nuts, electrical components, concrete anchors, panel nuts, wood inserts, thumb nuts and more.

We manufacture critical, high-volume parts that are available in a wide variety of plating options and finishes. Our lines of conduit nuts, pipe plugs and connectors are produced with the fastest production rates available, ensuring the lowest cost and parts that are die cast with clean, accurate threads and flash free.

Using our Value Analysis/Value Engineering Program we can determine if your current screw machine and cold form applications can be converted into die castings at a savings to you and your customers.

Conduit Lock Nuts

Our zinc die cast conduit lock nuts provide reliable, durable performance, ease of use and part-to-part consistency

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Pipe Plugs

Our pipe plugs are rustproof and corrosion resistant, tough and durable. They are used to close the ends of pipes and fittings.

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Wing Nuts

Our wing nuts have exclusive patented recessed wings for extra-firm finger grip and smooth-acting washer-like bosses

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Panel Mounting Nuts

Dynacast Industrial Products is a division of Dynacast International. Read more about Dynacast here.

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Concrete Anchors

Concrete anchors are durable and corrosion and rust resistant. They are also designed to be cast in concrete.

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Cap Nuts

Our die cast zinc alloy cap nuts are accurately dimensioned, smoothly finished, and completely free of tool marks and cut-off burrs.

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Wood Inserts

Precision cast threaded inserts have sharp, staggered barbs or splines for strong torque-out resistance and high pull-out strength.

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Pallet Nuts

Pallet nuts are used as a component in the manufacture of heavy duty pallets. Pallet nuts are also referred to as keg nuts and keg pallet nuts.

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Wing Screws

Our wing screws are strong and durable, having Dynacast's patented recessed wings for extra-firm finger grip

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Our rings are smooth finished and available in many sizes. All rings are available with the following finishes: brass, nickel, zinc, and black.

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Thumb Nuts

Our wide grip thumb nuts are produced with open or closed ends and are available in a wide variety of head diameters and threaded sizes.

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Access Panel Latches

Dynacast Panel Acces Latches are a low cost alternative to multi-component access panel latches made possible by their design. 

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