How We Upgrade Our Machines


At Dynacast all of our machines need to meet certain standards. As a machine ages, technologies can become outdated and parts can wear. This blog post will give you an inside look at how we keep our machines up and running, and how we upgrade them to ensure the most up-to-date technology is available for our customers’ manufacturing needs.

Why is maintenance required on machines?

We only want to produce the best parts possible and this means having reliable, up-to-date machines. If one of our machines breaks down this could mean hours of down time, which in the end means thousands of parts that were not produced. This is a hassle not only for us but for our customers. While we want our machines to be reliable, there are also other reasons for consistently updating our machines. We always want to remain compliant to all of the legal and safety requirements. Safety is a top priority, and by making sure our machines are compliant we are ensuring that an accident won’t happen because of a machine breaking or not meeting specifications. Another reason we upgrade is to stay ahead of the latest trends in the market place so we can anticipate our customers needs and be able to provide the components that they request.

Everyone knows how much – and how quickly – technology changes. This is another major reason that we update our machines often. The changes in technology software only help our machines and that ultimately helps our customers.

What happens if a machine does break down?

Even though we try our best to keep our machines running smoothly, sometimes machines do break down. We have prepared ourselves for when these scenarios happen. Typically if a machine breaks down it could take days to fix, mainly because a part has to be ordered and then shipped in. At Dynacast we have cut this lead-time down by having spare parts and a steady part supply. This means that if a machine does stop working, we have parts available to help fix it.  Last but not least, our preventative maintenance programs avoid machine break downs before they arise.

Parts for Special Projects

In case a customer requests a special project or component, we also have special tool and machine equipment. This equipment enables us to move quicker than other companies would. There are parts that are dedicated to a tool and project, which helps with very complex, high-volume parts or with special requests. Our machines are also capable of special programming if certain functions are needed.

What questions do you have for me about how our machines are upgraded? Please feel free to share your comments or questions below.  


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Last updated 07.13.2023