Design for Manufacturing: A critical step for successful production


Design engineering is changing and it’s changing fast.

Today’s engineers are under a lot of pressure to get a viable component quickly and more efficiently than ever before. And Design for Manufacturing (DFM) discussions with your supplier are one of the best practices engineers follow to ensure proof of concept, part optimization, and scalability.

Outlining a successful plan and process for your part is just as important as the component itself. The design is crucial to the entire production process—and impacts everything from material cost to time-to-market.

In this webinar, Design for Manufacturing: A critical step for successful production, Dynacast’s Senior Application Engineer, Max Gondek, discusses the benefits of working with an engineer early in the design phase of your die cast part. He covers:

  • How to reduce weight on components
  • Why wall thickness adds to cost
  • What the best draft angle is for your part
  • How to strengthen your casting with fillets and radii
  • And many more design tips!

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