Ejector Pins

Our engineers will work closely with you early on in the process to determine the best location for ejector pins in a component.

The purpose of ejector pins

  • In order to remove a part from the die, movable ejector pins may be used. This will result in a residual ejector pin mark on the part
  • In addition to automatically pushing the part from the tool after part solidification, ejector pins keep the part from bending

The positioning of ejector pins

  • Ejector pin marks on most parts may be raised or depressed by 0.3mm
  • Larger parts may require additional pin tolerances for proper ejection
  • Ejector pin marks are surrounded by a flash of metal. Necessary removal of this flash can be reduced by careful component design

Ejector pin flash

By consulting early with you on the design of your component, we can reduce ejector pin flash removal. This will make production more economical and cost-effective.


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