Dynacast México gana el premio International Die Casting Award

Dynacast México ganó un premio International Die Casting Award otorgado por la NADCA, North American Die Casting Association, en la categoría de piezas de zinc no galvanizadas de menos de 6 oz.

The part is a steering wheel ignition and lock housing for the automotive industry and is made from Zamak #5 alloy.

The ignition and lock housing is a safety-critical component of the automotive steering column. It keeps the steering wheel locked until the car is ready to start and drive. Dynacast introduced an improved machining process to streamline production. This resulted in large cost savings by reducing steps and time associated with the secondary operations. In machining alone, there was a time savings of almost 70%. The cost savings were equivalent to 80% for the customer, who previously had to operate its own machining center for this component.


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