Dynacast acquires Tek-Cast Inc. to help power further growth

Dynacast, the world’s leading manufacturer of precision metal components, has signed an agreement to acquire Tek-Cast Inc./MH Machining Group in Bensenville, Illinois USA. The acquisition and addition of the Tek-Cast team further expands Dynacast’s multi-slide zinc, aluminum capacity and CNC machining depth in North America.

This acquisition gives Tek-Cast’s customers ongoing access to Dynacast’s unparalleled experience, stemming from 80 years pioneering the techniques and technologies that have redefined the die casting industry. The move will ensure every customer receives insight and expertise that adds value at every stage of the design and manufacturing process.

Simon Newman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dynacast, states: “Dynacast has a rich history of continuously refining our proprietary manufacturing technologies, in-house tooling expertise, and innovative design processes. It means that today, we can manufacture highly complex metal components in a fast, repeatable, and precise manner. We look forward to bringing added insight and capabilities to Tek-Cast’s customers. Additionally, this acquisition is the first step of many more to come over the next year or two.”

With the support and investment from Partners Group, American Industrial Partners (AIP), Kenner and Company, and management, Dynacast has the strategic insight and capital backing to achieve their global vision: growing to a $1.5 to $2 billion organization over the next three to five years.

The acquisition of Tek-Cast Inc./MH Machining Group is an excellent strategic move in the realization of this vision and furthers Dynacast’s position as the foremost global manufacturer of precision metal components. 


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