We are right at the forefront of rapid prototyping technology for both component and tooling production. We build components and tools in-house or we work with our certified suppliers all over the world to ensure the best possible results. This includes:

  • Producing batch quantities of protoptype parts with material characteristics and accuracy representative of production die casting
  • Producing single cavity tools using rapid prototyping high-speed machining techniques
  • Manufacturing master models used to produce economical gravity cast and plaster molded prototypes in zinc, aluminum and magnesium
  • We also offer other methods such as machining prototypes out of bar stock customized to mimic the mechanical properties of the various alloys we die cast

While there are a variety of different prototyping options available, Dynacast typically creates prototypes for projects that have the potential for production. If you are looking for prototyping services and mass production, contact your local Dynacast representative to learn more.

Not ready for mass production? Check out our sister company, Signicast. They can create rapid prototypes in as little as 5 days! 


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