Sundaram Dynacast Wins TPM Excellence Award

Sundaram Dynacast Wins TPM Excellence Award

Dynacast's J. Ravindran & M. Sree Kanth with JIPM Assessors

Congratulations to Sundaram Dynacast for winning the Plant Maintenance (TPM) Excellence Award presented by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM) on March 23, 2017, in recognition of their efforts and contributions towards implementing an effective production system. The TPM Excellence Award is scored on a variety of TPM activities such as productivity, product quality, cost reduction, and company culture improvement.

JIPM launched the Plant Maintenance award system in 1964 to "strengthen the improvement of enterprise constitutions and contribute to the development of industry, by promoting the modernization of plant maintenance and the development of plant maintenance technologies."

Local management introduced TPM activities and the plant kicked off this new initiative in June of 2012 with support from Simon Newman, CEO and David Angell, COO. The relentless efforts by all Sundaram Dynacast employees made it possible to attain this coveted award. 


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