Pedro Rios: AIP Sparsh Bhargava Award Winner

Congratulations to Pedro Rios of Dynacast Tijuana, for being one of the first ever AIP Sparsh Bhargava Award recipients. The award was given in honor of Sparsh Bhargava, an American Industrial Partners (AIP) colleague who passed away suddenly in October 2016. The award recognizes young managers who exemplify many of the attributes which made Sparsh extraordinary: strength of character, intellectual curiosity, perseverance, empathy, leadership, courage, and potential for greatness.

AIP Sparsh Bhargava Award recipients: Ryan Rockafellow and Pedro Rios

AIP Sparsh Bhargava Award recipients: Ryan Rockafellow and Pedro Rios

When AIP created the award, they reached out to CEOs from their 12 portfolio companies asking them to nominate talented young managers under the age of 35, out of a pool of 28,000 working in AIP portfolio companies. Of the 21 nominations they received, Rios was one of five finalists. After completing a final phone interview, AIP decided that Rios along with Heil Trailer’s Ryan Rockafellow stood out from the rest. While they did not originally intend to have co-recipients, AIP felt compelled to honor both Rios and Rockafellow in Bhargava’s memory.

Simon Newman, Dynacast Chairmen and CEO presented Pedro with the award last week at AIP’s annual meeting. In Newman’s speech, he noted how Rios started as a quality engineer at Dynacast Lake Forest before accepting the role as Plant Manager at Dynacast Tijuana—all while studying to earn his MBA. Newman expressed his gratitude for Rios’ hard work and determination stating that he was proud to be presenting him with the award and humbled by his presence.

On behalf of everyone at Dynacast International, we congratulate Pedro Rios for all of his hard work and dedicated service—recognition well deserved. 


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Last updated 08.16.2020