Facilitating Growth: UK’s Largest Die Caster

Dynacast is fortunate to have a customer base that includes some of the world’s largest manufacturers. We are thrilled when your business grows and we will always do what we can to keep up with the growing demand for precision metal components—which is why we expanded! We added onto our already 32,000 square foot facility in the United Kingdom.

Dynacast UK is located in Welshpool, conveniently near the Midlands Motorway Network. This facility has been in operation since 1993 focusing primarily on zinc pressure die casting. With this new expansion, we were able to reorganize our facility, thus optimizing our processes and maximizing our efficiency. We added additional multi-slide and conventional die casting machines and can now separate the two processes to provide better service for our customers.

Additionally, the added space has made more room available for our in-house tool room—which manufactures a majority of our dies. We now have more dedicated space for secondary operations, giving true meaning to full-service die casting.

Precision Zinc Die Casting

Dynacast works with organizations all over the world helping bring their design ideas to life with the highest quality precisions metal components on the planet. Our decades of experience provide better insight and knowledge to take your part from design to mass production. For more information on our UK facility or to request a plant tourcontact our team today.


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Last updated 08.16.2020