Dynacast wins in the 2014 International Die Casting Competition

Dynacast is delighted to announce their FAKRA Plug Shell received an award for excellence in the Zinc Die Casting under 6 oz category at the 2014 International Die Casting Competition. This is the third time they’ve won in the competition, after winning both in 2011 and 2012.

The International Die Casting Competition is run by the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA). In the words of NADCA “the competition recognizes, rewards and publicizes the outstanding casting designs of the year. Each entry is judged on its design, quality, cost savings, ingenuity, innovation and industry-changing potential.”

The FAKRA Plug Shell is used to support the delivery of high speed data communication within the automotive community. According to Adam Scichitano, Dynacast Elgin’s Engineering Manager, “When the Automotive Division of TE Connectivity approached us, the FAKRA Plug Shell was designed as a brass, screw-machined component and we quickly realized this was an inefficient, expensive process that allowed for great variability.

We won the business by showing how our proprietary zinc die casting A2 multi-slide machine could produce the FAKRA Plug and exceed TE Connectivity’s expectations for dimensional accuracy and repeatability, cost, quality, capacity and recyclability. The efficiency of casting the FAKRA Plug as a net shape with no wasted material combined with the annual volume requirements in excess of 10mm units was a huge plus for TE Connectivity.”

After exceeding TE Connectivity’s expectations, it’s not surprising Dynacast’s FAKRA Plug Shell excelled in all judged areas at the 2014 International Die Casting Awards. Judging is conducted by an independent panel of experts from the die casting industry, with no ties to eligible companies.

About Dynacast International Inc.

Dynacast International is a global manufacturer of small, engineered metal components. Utilizing proprietary die casting technologies, we offer robust solutions to companies in automotive, consumer electronics, healthcare, hardware, computers and peripherals and many other industries.

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TE Automotive is focused on providing the best in class Infotainment technology to support high speed data communication in the automotive industry. Data communication based optical, coaxial as well as shielded electrical physical layers are supported by a wide product portfolio of automotive grade connector systems


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