Dynacast Sponsors PGA Golfer: Brendon de Jonge

Dynacast International is delighted to announce their sponsorship of professional golfer, Brendon de Jonge. Brendon de Jonge, originally from Zimbabwe, resides in Charlotte N.C. and currently plays on the PGA Tour.

Dynacast sponsored PGA Tour golfer, Brendon de Jonge.

Dynacast sponsored PGA Tour golfer, Brendon de Jonge.

Dynacast is a global manufacturer of small, engineered metal components who prides themselves on their innovation and professionalism. “It made sense to sponsor Brendon, not only is he a dynamic, professional golfer whose superb performance mirrors the performance we’re committed to, but he’s also from our community and we’re a firm believer in supporting our local citizens,” said Simon Newman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dynacast.

Brendon’s sponsorship will involve him wearing the Dynacast logo on all his apparel and being available for appearances at customer and employee events. “We look forward to learning more from Brendon, his career has been exceptional and very inspiring”, said Simon.

Brendon, in turn, echoed similar sentiments, “I’m very pleased to be working with Dynacast in this sponsorship, they are a company whose vision, passion and dedication to both their customers and employees closely mirrors my own values.”


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Last updated 08.16.2020