Dynacast Selected as GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award Recipient for 2019

We are proud to announce that Dynacast Peterborough has been awarded General Motor’s Supplier Quality Excellence Award for outstanding operational excellence in the 2019 calendar year.

This recognition is given to top-performing suppliers that help GM deliver vehicles with the highest levels of quality and safety on the road. Suppliers who receive this award exceeded a very stringent set of quality performance criteria and have added value and expertise to the entire GM organization.

In 2019, Dynacast manufactured a pressure valve for the Active Fuel Management (AFM) systems in 8-cylinder GM vehicles. This system improves the fuel efficiency of GM vehicles by decreasing the number of cylinders used during less demanding driving conditions, otherwise known as Cylinder Deactivation. The valve component maintains oil pressure when the vehicle computer indicates that 8 cylinders are not needed for performance.

The pressure valve helps to promote fuel efficiency in GM’s 8-cylinder vehicles.

Dynacast Peterborough is uniquely qualified to manufacture this critical component. Since the valve is in direct contact with engine oil, the part must be produced in a cleanroom to eliminate any foreign contaminates. Samples from each batch must then be sent for third party testing to ensure that the part meets specification and material requirements. Additionally, the part has a critical bore geometry to ensure that oil flow is not impeded. Because of this, GM needs a supplier that has exact, repeatable, high-quality casting capabilities.

It’s this level of commitment and consistency that qualifies Dynacast Peterborough to receive the Supplier Quality Excellence Award for 2019.

Every single one of our Dynacast Peterborough team members is vital contributors to producing consistently high-quality precision components for our global customers, including GM. This award is a result of a consistent customer focus, innovation, and promises kept from the whole team. Congratulations, Dynacast Peterborough!


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