Dynacast Peterborough: Safety Perfection

Dynacast Peterborough was given the Perfect Safety Award by the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) for having achieved a perfect safety record that exceeds national manufacturing averages with zero lost work days in 2015.

Improving Safety Standards

Safety is a priority for all of our die casting plants around the globe. Dynacast Peterborough wanted to exceed expectations and worked hard to improve their already above average safety records. The Peterborough plant has monthly walkthroughs and meetings with the Joint Health and Safety Committee as well as a partnership with the Ministry of Labour to ensure the workplace policies are adequate and up to date.

 When a new employee starts, they complete a thorough orientation and safety training program before they start work on the production floor. Each employee also receives job specific training that could include forklift or crane operating safety. Continuing education is also important, all employees have scheduled refresher trainings to make sure everyone knows and understands the newest policies.

Leading Zinc Die Casting Manufacturer

Dynacast Peterborough is dedicated to designing, building, manufacturing, and delivering quality zinc die cast components. Dynacast Peterborough also offers a wide-variety of secondary operations including CNC machining, tapping, reaming, and drilling. With so many processes under one roof, perfect safety is a great accomplishment.

At Dynacast, we are proud to be the world’s leading manufacturer of precision metal components and we couldn’t do it without our team that continuously delivers quality products and services. To request a quote or speak with an engineer about your next die casting or MIM project, contact us online


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