Dynacast Italy Continues Growth by Adding Conventional Zinc Die Casting

Dynacast Italy has been a leader in the production of small, precision-engineered components in Zinc alloys for over forty years. Their facility recently expanded to include the production of components more than 500 grams by installing a new conventional zinc die casting machine.

A FRECH hot-chamber zinc die casting machine equipped with ABB model IRB 1410 Robot was selected. By adding the machine and the robot, Dynacast Italy is able to complete all operations within the working-cycle of the machine itself, which allows production to match the rhythm of the die casting process. This addition has strengthened their competitiveness and enabled them to propose innovation solutions.

About Dynacast Italy

Dynacast Italy serves many industries including electronics, automotive, connectors, hardware, and luxury goods. Their continued growth is due to their ability to focus on customer demands in addition to supplying components on a global scale.


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Last updated 12.26.2019