Dynacast Dongguan Does it Again: Excellent Supplier Award

Dynacast Dongguan was recognized yet again for their excellent service. Carling Technologies awarded the entire Dynacast Dongguan team for their outstanding supplier services. The Excellent Supplier award is based off a variety of quality measurements including, on-time delivery, receiving quality, customer-reported quality, cost productivity, and customer service. 

Carling Technologies is a global manufacturer of hydraulic magnetic and thermal circuit breakers, electrical switches, and assemblies. Carling originally started with our Dynacast Singapore location in 2000 but transitioned to Dongguan in 2010. The Dongguan team has been working closely with Carling to continue to deliver superior products and services.

Dongguan’s engineering team was tasked with creating a very complex, precision part for Carling that had a very tight tolerance with high cosmetic requirements. As a newer plant, Dynacast Dongguan was excited to take on a project with such high demands and requirements. The entire Dongguan team helped make the project a success for both Dynacast and Carling Technologies.

Leading Die Casting Manufacturer

Dynacast Dongguan is a 14,000 square meter facility that is located in the heart of the Guangdong Province. The facility delivers high-quality parts to the leading manufacturing hub in Southern China and focuses on zinc, aluminum, and magnesium die casting. 

At Dynacast, we are proud to be the world’s leading manufacturer of precision metal components and we couldn’t do it without our team that continuously delivers quality products and services. To request a quote or speak with an engineer about your next die casting project, contact us


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Last updated 08.16.2020